Kelly's hompage

We adopted Kelly at the age of 9 from YGRR. She was given up because her previous owners wanted to travel and she didn't fit into their plans. We're grateful that they gave Kelly to YGRR and that she was matched with us. We've adopted an absolutely wonderful dog!!

Kelly is energetic and ready to play at any time -- don't tell her that she's a "senior citizen", because she thinks she's only 2. Kelly has arthritis, and the new medication Rimadyl has helped her a lot. The outdoors is a whole new world waiting to be explored! And, you never know when the deer (or skunks!) have walked through our wooded lot. Or (heaven forbid) that the chipmunks are running around in HER yard. Those chipmunks have to be kept in line, you understand, and she likes to dig in the stone walls or under the front steps trying to find those pesky critters.

Kelly loves to ride in the car, and she prefers to ride with her head out the car window (something we don't let her do very often). She astutely watches the scenery, tracking other people or animals intently and barking at horses.

Spending the night in a hotel room is a challenge, because she barks whenever someone passes our door -- she's protecting us and wants us to know that someone is out there. It's tough to get a good nights' rest when every hour or so your dog let's out a resounding bark!

Here are a couple of web pages that we refer to regarding dog issues: